Higgs boson- The final answer or The Ultimate Mystery.

Higgs boson, one of the fundamental particles in the standard table, which sought to give mass to all the other particles having mass, is one of the greatest mysteries in the field of physics which has raised more questions than the ones it solved.
This particle was theorized by Professor Peter Higgs in the 20th century as a solution to the Einstein’s Field equations where he theorized that there exists an everlasting field present around us called the Higgs Field which gives rise to a particle known as Higgs Boson which gives mass to all the particles which interact with it. This theory received part support part criticism by the physicists of that time as the discovery of Higgs boson supported the theory of Big Bang that the universe came from a point of nothingness and nothing existed before the Big Bang.
In July 2012, an urgent meeting of scientists was called by the scientists at CERN where they confirmed the discovery of Higgs Boson particle and explained how it served as basis of the understanding of the first very few seconds just after the Big Bang [1/trillionth of a second]. This discovery confirmed that the Big Bang Theory is true and that Higgs particle exists in the universe. This opened as a window for the other potential theories like Can we discover the graviton particle [the hypothesized particle which acts as a carrier of gravitational waves]?,Is standard model of particle physics?, what existed before the big bang?, Which type of particles existed at the time when the present universe hadn’t formed etc.
There could be so much more to the understanding of Higgs Boson particle as it could explain the dark matter conjecture and what makes it so abundant in the universe [as the dark matter has mass, it could have gotten it’s mass from a dark Higgs Boson]. There are endless possibilities to this.


Written by

Science Communicator

Sukhjit Singh

Gravitational Waves simplified

From childhood if there’s one thing we have seen it is if we drop any object from a height, it always comes down to the ground. Have you ever wondered what such force drives this? What makes that object fall to the ground? What makes a Planet revolve around the sun? Hundreds of years ago, same question was asked by Isacc Newton, one of the greatest scientists to have lived till now. He asked a simple question, what makes an apple fall down to the ground?

The answer was gravitation. Gravitation of a body is defined as its ability to attract other objects having a mass with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of distance between them.

It is defined as

F= G Mm/R^2

Where m= mass of the first body

M= mass of the second body

R =distance between both the bodies

G= universal gravitational constant (6.023 / 10 ^-­23)

In other words, gravitation of a body is defined as the ability to attract other masses.

In year 1905, a patent clerk physicist known by the name of Albert Einstein published a theory known as the Special Theory of Relativity (STR) which described the motion of particles in moving from one coordinate system to another with the help of Lorrentz Transformation, how the speed of time and length of an object behave when going from one coordinate system to another(Time Dilation and Length Contraction). STR helped in the confirmation of Maxwell’s Equations (Equation which stated how electricity and magnetism are related to each other and how light is an Electromagnetic Radiation).

But this theory could not define motion of particles in the areas where gravitational forces were considered. Therefore, A New theory known by the name of General Theory of Relativity (GTR) was put forth by Albert Einstein which also included gravitation. The STR was a special case of GTR where gravitational forces were very low and STR reduces to Newtonian Mechanics where velocity of particles were very slow as compared to the speed of light.

The GTR defined gravitation as a curvature of Space and Time where mass bends the space time. In the famous words of John Wheeler, a renowned physicist,” Mass tells Space where to bend and Space tells Mass where to go.”. This statement holds a very powerful conjecture in Physics and has laid the foundation of Modern Physics.

This definition of gravity gave rise to a new field in Physics named as “Relativistic Physics” and it has given rise to a lot of mysteries in the field of physics like “The Unified Theory which sought to unify The General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics” , ”Black Holes”, “Hawking Radiation’” etc. These problems remain a mystery  till now.


Written by

Sukhjit Singh

Science Communicator

SciComm India

Kasol- An Unexplored Saga

Until the early 90s Kasol was only a bus stop. kasol transformed into a hub of backpackers around 2K14, with huge number of travelers from around the world who come to explore the untouched hills and the amazing climate. Kasol is partitioned into Old and new kasol.

Numerous trekking trails

Walking in the company of lush greenery and snow-draped mountains will leave you refreshed. You can trek around Kasol to many spectacular places including Yanker Pass, Kheerganga, Sar Pass and Pin Parbati Pass or if you want something soother for your feet, try a walk up to Chalal, located 30 min away from Kasol.

Photo of Kasol- An Unexplored Saga 2/5 by Inshaa Khurshiid

Charming adventure camps

Ditch the usual hotel room and instead, spend a night in a tent under clear skies. looking for the best experience of camping? Astrocamping in Kasol, This property is the must witness episode its a destination with the the darkest night sky, heavenly trek routes and stunning landscapes surrounded by the snow peaked mountains. Activities such as astronomy activities such as telescopic watch,astrophotography, light/ghost painting etc

Photo of Kasol- An Unexplored Saga 3/5 by Inshaa Khurshiid

A long walk to Malana

Malana is popular for its culture and Jamlu Devta temple. The people here live in isolation from the rest of the world. They are believed to be descendants of Aryan’s and the think that an interaction with the outer world would interfere with the purity of their race. It’s a village with mesmerizing beauty and is often known as ‘Little Greece’.

Taste Israeli food

The local food habits and culture has an Israeli touch! If you’ve always thought that Kasol is a place which lets you only smoke, you’ve been so wrong! They have great foods, probably little unknown ones. Kasol is also known as ‘Mini Israel’. The ‘Turquoise Kasol’ and ‘the evergreen’ are some Israeli foods worth a try. The recent inflow of Israeli tourists has triggered blooming of restaurants, hotels and shops catering to their needs.

Heard of Snowbank of India?

Located 14 kms from Manali in Himachal Pradesh, SolangValley lies on the western bank of the River Beas. A place worth visiting all round the year, that’s exactly what makes this place the perfect holiday destination. However, the best time to visit Solang Valley depends on why you wish to go uphill. If you’re looking to indulge in activities like paragliding, gondola, and more, the lush green summers are the ideal time and if you ask me where to Stay than you must check Astrocamping in Solang Valley and thank me later!\

Photo of Heard of Snowbank of India? 2/4 by Inshaa Khurshiid

The start of international skiing competitions like the Alpine Premier League has made the valley very popular among foreign tourists.

But, if you’re a winter lover and feel like tasting the thrill of skiing and skating, the snowy weather between November to February makes for the perfect time to plan your trip.It has a number of hotels and other accommodation options available nearby , Scicomm can help you out to make the booking hustle easy – they also provide choice to experience amazing night sky, stars, planets!

Valley, locally known as Solang Nullah, derives its name from a combination of the words Solang (nearby village) and Nullah (water stream).

It offers great views of the surrounding glaciers as well as of the splendid valley lying between Solang and Beas Kund. The valley is also home to a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, located on top of a hill.

Hidimba Temple and Raha Waterfalls are other attractions nearby that one can visit.

My visit to a unique destination in Lansdowne

Once I came to know about this lesser known place “Lansdowne”. I was astonished to see the pictures on internet, they were beautiful. I questioned myself how on earth I wasn’t aware about this mini heaven in India. Lansdowne is around 270 km from Delhi, making it a nearest hill station from Delhi. I did my research and found that Scicomm is offering a trip to Lansdowne and the cost was in my budget.

On 4th of May I had to step into a Volvo bus in Delhi. There was freshness in the aura. Enigmatic greenery and the feeling of cold doubled our excitement. We directly went to enjoy the local delicious,this local food should never be missed, tea and paranthas was what we thought can be done to heal the cravings.

Lansdowne isn’t a typical Shimla or Chandigarh for you. In other words, it is neither heavily urbanized, nor commercialized. Lansdowne is chiefly a cantonment area, once used by British to recruit and cater to the Garhwal Rifles unit. The old-world St Mary’s Church and some other buildings are fading reminders of colonial establishments in the town, which in fact gets its name from Lord Lansdowne, the then Viceroy of India.

Our accommodation was done by Scicomm members and it was the best night stay in a beautiful Hill Station we ever had with our 5-billion-star-hotel experience. The property was perfectly situated. The staff of the Hotel Shanti raj resort was highly welcoming they served us with the welcoming drink. While coming inside the hotel the weather was completely fine but in fraction of seconds the whole sky got full of clouds as if the roof was filled with cotton balls.

It was around 6pm,. The wait was finally over and the show had just begun! We were about to witness something that would change the way we perceive the wide airspace.

The SciComm team was so humble, they gathered us together and made a set up for the telescopes and took out the binoculars. We were in the state of shock to see everything so clearly it felt reality now. whatever we all were eyeing from a vast distance since childhood felt was in our reach.

Its best way to experience nature and space as its best, gave a real tour of infinitely vast galaxy. Along with this they make all kinds of necessary arrangements like Cosmic Meditation to introduce us to our core self. It helped to free us from everyday concerns and free our mind to a higher perspective on life. Moreover, utmost care was taken to keep the area as well as tents clean for minimum carbon footprints.

It included Meals, Local sightseeing, trekking, nature walk, Moon and planets observation, Capture the stars and planets, Watch planets through telescope, Astronomy games and team building activities, Cosmic Meditation, Bonfire and DJ party.

The first place to hit In Lansdowne was Bhulla Tal, an artificial lake built within the small town. There are numerous swans, ducks and rabbits around the place, and it is great to spend a quiet afternoon. Boating facilities are also available and I would definitely recommend it.

While coming back chilly air was piercing through the half open window of the bus and the sky scraping hills were looking stunning from the back seat. I told them to stop the bus for a while to capture the moment in frames. While coming back I had no regrets plus there was no place we did not visit. The experience of astrocamp has occupied a big space inside me it left me in the state of shock and surprise as I felt myself connected to everything the sky holds.

What is this moving Train of Stars in Sky

While  shooting astrophotography over the past couple of nights, I saw a strange line of bright dots traveling across the sky. It may be bit difficult to understand the whole story behind this but it provided an intense satisfaction. 

A satellite tracker in the Netherlands has captured  a stunning video of dozens of SpaceX Starlink satellites passing overhead. Launched together late last week, the chain of satellites looked like a giant, brightly lit train in the night sky

Photo of What is this moving Train of Stars in Sky 2/3 by Inshaa Khurshiid

Marco Langbroek, a satellite tracker and astronomer, spotted this Starlink satellites from a tracking station located in Netherlands.

Last week SpaceX launched 60 Starlink telecommunication satellites with the goal to eventually create ultra-fast internet services around the world. To the eye, the 60 satellites appear as a “moving train” of moderately faint stars. 

We all have this questions in mind that it’s impossible to view this train from Cities, here I present you a solution which came out to be very exciting for me and my gang!

We went to  these AstroCamp, very creatively designed properties to view the sky related phenomenons and OMG! We all were surprised to witness the huge blanket of stars.According to, the satellites are not quite bright enough to be visible to the naked eye, and once they further disperse, they should get slightly dimmer again. We have to be at a location that will make them appear, not doubt a little dimmer.Some observers have reported that a few of the satellites in the train have appeared brighter.

But naked eye is not everything when it comes to the needs of astronomers. A magnitude of +6 is generally considered to be the threshold of naked eye visibility under a dark, clear sky.

As the satellites revolve around Earth at 90 minute intervals, they should appear less “bunched” together and may actually get a bit fainter. 

“SpaceX has done all the right things in relation to de-orbit, and avoiding collisions … How this works out with such a massive number of new satellites is something we’ll have to see.”