The majority of youth have always seemed to be glued to their smartphones — or, more precisely, the social media platforms these phones contain.

The trend for likes and followers has seen a rise in today’s world, people presume their popularity, likeness, beauty and self-worth all stem from the amount of followers and likes they receive on their social media. We live in an age where our worth is determined by how many likes, followers, and great comments we can get on our social media accounts. A study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that nearly a quarter of all teens are online almost constantly. ‘Has someone liked my post? ‘Has anyone tagged me’? ‘Has someone followed me’? So many questions like these keep whirling millions of minds every day and youth starts getting addicted to social media living far away from reality.

Why is it so addictive?

One experience’s rush when you get more likes than normal, There is a reason for that rush

That is because it activates a boost of the hormone called dopamine, which you also get from eating chocolate. A famous study investigated the impact of social media on users’ brains; among other conclusions, it showed that when people see a post with a large number of likes, they engage more with it, even if it is published by a complete stranger. This effect is usually called “follow the crowd logic.”

Getting a big number of likes and followers is often taken as a symbol for self-esteem and a benchmark for achievement. People take pride because of the social approval. This feeling is very addictive and harmful at the same time. Sometimes youth get really carried away with erasing the borders of intimacy and privacy. With these likes and followers the level of expectations on every post rises and when it’s not met it brings desolation and dejection thereby making an individual apprehensive. 

Social media is a tool with immense potential. If you allow your social media to control you, you will wind up suffocating in a self-contained bubble of make-believe and lies. By focusing on how many followers you have, whether how many people are liking your post, the types of comments you do not let social media control your life. 

Article by- Ishita Patwal

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