Annular Solar Eclipse 2020

Eclipses are one of the most awaited astronomical phenomena.A solar eclipse occurs when the moon appears to cross in front of the disk of the sun, which creates a shadow of the moon itself falling on earth. 
In 2020, 2 solar eclipses will be observable from the earth. The initial (Annular) Solar Eclipse of the year, commonly referred to as “ Ring of Fire”, will occur on  June 21st , 2020 which will be visible across South/East Europe, North of Australia, much of Asia and Africa, Pacific, Indian, Atlantic Oceans and Antarctica. Then the second one will be on Dec. 14, a total solar eclipse that will be visible from South America.
According to, the annular solar eclipse of June 2020 will start at 9:15 am on June 21 as per Indian Standard Timing (IST). The full eclipse will start from 10:17 am with the maximum eclipse occurring at 12:10 pm. The full eclipse will be visible until 2:02 pm. By 3:04 pm, the eclipse will end.

How to watch Solar Eclipse at home?

During ancient time period, there were several myths and superstitions regarding solar eclipses such as mythical characters eating or stealing the Sun, interpreting the eclipse as a symbol of quarreling or angry gods, while there are no scientifically proven evidence for any of these.
However, it is always emphasized that anyone watching a solar eclipse must protect their eyes or must watch using  an indirect viewing system . 
Follow the below tips while viewing the Solar Eclipse from home:
  •  Never have a direct eye-contact with the Sun without a safe filter in place to protect your eyes. Also do not use sunglasses, polaroid filters, smoked glass, exposed color film, X-ray film, or photographic neutral density filters.
  • A home-rigged, indirect viewing method by creating a pinhole camera is another great option, because it lets families and friends get a good view of the eclipse together. With it, you can flash the sun’s image onto a flat surface and impress your friends and neighbors while giving everyone (including yourself) a cool experience and view in the safest manner.
  • Solar glasses are now easily available in stores and these are the best and safest way to view a Solar Eclipse.
  • In this 5th generation, online mode of watching would never be considered a bad option if there is no opportunity to watch with the above methods.
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