On Wednesday morning, all sort of fantasies and imaginations became REAL! For the first time, mankind could peep into the most mysterious entity of the Cosmos- THE BLACK HOLE! This remarkable effort of more than 200 astronomers and scientists all across the globe is commendable! During the live screening at Washington, that first look blew minds of thousands of astronomy enthusiasts!

LET US HAVE A LOOK AT THE 10 AMAZING FACTS about the devouring secretive black hole that has boggled with the minds of astronomers and astronomy fans for more than half a century now!

1.The blurry doughnut that forms a ring of gas and dust halo is what we see as the black hole’s disc – which feeds the monster within. This is what it looks like when you stare into it.

2.ONE CAN’T CAPTURE THE BLACK HOLE, BUT ONLY THE LIGHT NEAR IT..!!- THE POINT OF NO RETURN or the EVENT HORIZON. The event horizon is in the black area – the shadow of the black hole against the material circling it, and eventually falling in.

3.Hence, from what you can see here, you can’t be totally sure whether it’s just the accretion disc rotating, or just the black hole, or both.

4. What you are gazing upon- is approximately the size of our entire Solar system. Feeling tiny. Aren’t you?

5.No single telescope is powerful enough to image the black hole..! THE EVENT HORIZON IS NOT A TELESCOPE ITSELF, It is huge Earth sized network of telescopes that captured the first ever image of the Supermassive BLACK HOLE lurking in the heart of the one of the most massive and second brightest Elliptical galaxy- M87!

6. After years of analysing the two black holes, the event horizon did not reveal the image of Sagittarius A, a monstrous black hole that lies in our very own galaxy- Milky Way, but it gave us a picture of even huge black hole which was enormous and less obscured.

7.Surprisingly, it was harder to get the image of our own galaxy’s black hole which was in fact nearer because the “ring of flaming fire” around the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way is smaller and dimmer.

8.Over the 10 days, 200+ scientists and an array of 8 telescopes across the globe collected this magnificent data which was way too much to be sent over the internet. It was rather stored in hundreds of hard drives and was flown to the major processing centre

9. The black hole is 55-million light years away from us and approximately 3 million times the size of Earth! It is one of the heaviest black holes that we know of!

10.This revolutionary image has supported the Einstein’s theory of relativity which even he himself was sceptical about!