“Everyone’s worried about stopping Terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.”- Noam Chomsky

What is Terrorism?

Terrorism can be defined as unlawful acts of intimidation and violence, particularly against civilians to pursue political, social, religious, or racial goals. These violent acts can be performed by a single individual, group of individuals, or political organizations.

Factors that led to the evolution of Terrorism:

Lone offenders are individuals who commit violent activities alone. They do not have any group identity, and therefore they are difficult to track identify and track. This type of Terrorism is also known as lone-wolf Terrorism. 

Social Media and the Internet have contributed a large extent to an increase in terrorist activities. It is observed over the past few years that the international and domestic terrorists have been trying to influence people to join their groups through social media and messaging platforms. They share pictures, videos, and publications through these messaging platforms and try to recruit people who respond to these into their terrorist groups.

How do the terrorists attack?

Nowadays, terrorists have sophisticated operating and funding models, and therefore they can obtain a larger number of recruits, weapons, and materials. They attack the civilians using highly dangerous substances like Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) materials and also make use of Improvised Explosive Devices.

Measures to be safe from Terrorism:

Since social media and messaging platforms have become a hub for terrorists to influence people, one must not share personal information with strangers. It is crucial that all of us aware of the people around you and your surroundings. We must also beware of the laws against Terrorism and also report suspicious activities to the concerned authorities.

Counter-Terrorism strategy:

To combat Terrorism, United Nations has formed UN Global Counter-Terrorism, which is a unique global instrument to improve international, national, and regional efforts to counter Terrorism. It has four pillars:

  • A pillar to address all the conditions that are favorable to the spread of Terrorism.
  • A pillar that takes measures to prevent and counter Terrorism.
  • A pillar that takes suitable measures to make the states capable of preventing and countering Terrorism.
  • A pillar that takes measures concerning the protection of human rights for all and fights against Terrorism by considering the rule of law as the basis.

Nowadays, many youngsters fall into the trap of Terrorism through social media. To be safe from the web of Terrorism, all of us must be aware of this and take necessary measures to stay away from all kinds of unlawful activities. 

Sources: UN, Interpol, FBI.

Author Name: Anita Babu.

Biography: She is a postgraduate student pursuing Masters in Psychology HRDM from Christ (Deemed to be University), Bangalore. Content-writing. has always been her favorite hobby and she likes gaining knowledge about new topics.