We sell high-quality products like telescopes, all-glass optics, achromatic objective lens, and eyepieces. Easy-to-use refractor/reflector design and tabletop tripod to big Dobsonian mount. We make the telescope perfect for on-the-go discovery.


AstroCamp are the property developed as per the aura and culture of that location. Each AstroCamps are properly inspected for fun and night sky activities. We are open after 5pm till 10am on each and everyday, special arrangements done in each and every rare astronomical phenomenon.

Program Includes

  • Night Sky Oriented by Experts
  • Virtual Tour of the whole Sky
  • Comfortable Camps
  • Transit as Mentioned in Itinerary
  • Sky Gazing and Treck Guide
  • Fun Activities like ATV ride, Space Zorbing etc
  • Live stars, planets, and satellites watching through high power telescopes
  • Basic AstroPhotography session(Get yourself clicked with the Milky-way/Moon and Dancing laser projections)

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We sponsor and conduct fests based on science expansion and entrepreneurship. Recently conducted AVSAR 2.0, an initiative by BVIMR’s Incubator Cell, aims at identifying budding entrepreneurs and providing them with incubator-like facilities for further nurturing.

The workshops are an ultimate guide to learn about the basics of any domain. Our workshop ranges from UI/UX design, IOT device manufacturing, Embedded programming to Night sky session, telescope making, rocket launching etc.
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