“Literacy”, the ability to read and write, is often equated with “education”, but is not the same. Literacy mainly revolves around acquiring the ability to read and write whereas education is about the overall development of a person making it a complete human who not only read or write but also has the ability to think in broader terms and analyze the things rationally.


According to Census 2011, India managed to achieve a literacy rate of 74.04% as opposed to 64.80% in 2001. However every literate person cannot be called an educated person. Education is a much broader concept than literacy.

Education changes a person as a whole. Educated people understand their responsibility towards the society and country. It is more of using ethical practices to bring a real change in the society. Literacy cannot make a person wise but education can. An educated man can only bring around changes in society and contribute to the development of society, which leads to the development of the nation.Education is not merely reading uptextual books,getting degrees,rote learning concepts, which can be the case when one is talking about literacy. Education, on the other hand, caters to the overall development of an individual.

  • To make people and children educated, we must take care of the teaching methodology. We must have efficient and eminent teachers who can educate the young generations as the mind once enlightened cannot become dark
  • The students of different capabilities must be mixed together in a proper order without discrimination so that they can learn from each other
  • Everybody has his or her own capability and interest. We must encourage them to excel in the fields in which they desire to grow.

According to the 2005 UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report, which incorporates the 2001 census, India ranked 106 out of 127 countries surveyed in terms of literacy. Our country is trying hard to make all her citizens literate but is evading education in that process. With it  one also needs to learn moral values and acquire the ability to rationalize and judge the information that literacy offers.


Both literacy and education helps one in the long run. Unfortunately in today’s world we only run behind literacy and evade education. Education is not just about getting a degree and passing in exams it serves as a way to get rid of superstitious beliefs,unethical practices and prejudices. It is possible for one to have a lot of degrees and yet not be educated. Again, the wisest man in the town may not be literate. One should always aim to educate themselves in the best way possible.


Written by- Ishita, Intern, Edited By- Shweta Mittal, team SciComm


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