Reader lives a thousand years before he dies,The man who never reads live only once. -George  R.R. Martin    

Reading habits are calculated as how much a person reads, when do they read, and what they read. It may involve reading books, printed articles, and other electronic materials. It is an incontrovertible fact that reading is paramount for the development of a student.

It is rightly said there is no better companion than a book. With reading you start developing a strong outlook,thoughts and ideas.It helps in better comprehension of the world around.Reading has  come to stay as a potential force in education and all spheres of life. However scholars find that recreational reading significantly decreased in middle school years. There is a need to encourage reading among students. 

Benefits of reading-

  • Aids better communication: Reading books are the best way to get acquainted with extraordinary words and also helps in enhancing the creativity of language and makes you a better writer slowly and gradually. 
  • Gives the ability to comprehend: It develops a better sense of understanding than those who do not read.
  • Help in imparting knowledge: Without a doubt reading is the best way of expanding one’s knowledge.
  • Aids sleeping: Reading books before bedtime helps your brain to relax and   healthy thoughts take over which thereby helps in having a nice sleep.
  • Builds a strong personality: it is often said you become what you read so the type of book a person reads leaves a strong impression on the mind of the reader.
  • Peaceful treat: In today’s stressful life it is difficult to keep mental peace so reading comes as a daily vaccine. 
  • Better analytical skill: Through active reading you get a chance to explore several  aspects. New ideas and thoughts come and stimulate new ideas.

Reading is one of the best qualities one can possess. Reading accords you tranquility and sets you free from the agony of your life which helps you transcend into a world that is very different from the existing one. 

Just 30 minutes of reading can reorient an individual.Assuredly it is a hobby that is worth spending time on.

Article by Ishita Patwal

 Ishita Patwal: A young fervid  writer, pursuing BBA from IGDTUW. My Leisure pursuits include dancing, travelling and gardening. 

Edited by Shweta Mittal, Team SciComm

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