Advancement in education is nothing short of amazing. It has revolutionized the way students and teachers interact.  The Internet of Things(IoTs) is indeed transforming the education sector and making learning simpler, faster and safer.Today, we can evidently see schools, colleges and other educational institutions inculcating IoT solutions in the already existing teaching methodologies.


Following are the ways in which technical know-how have advanced our traditional modes and ways of learning and classroom teaching-

  1. Cloud computing: It’s a buzzing word nowadays in the Information and communications technology (ICT) industry. It is helpful for educational enterprises as it gives high computing facilities at a low cost.
  1. Smart Interactive Display Solutions: Gone are the days when teachers used to write things on chalkboards as a means of displaying lessons and students used to mug up like parrots. Instead, now schools are making use of interactive displays like SMART Boards and innovative projectors. It is a device that is used to replace the standard whiteboard in your everyday classroom. The interactive display has made it easier for students to use devices to participate in class surveys, quizzes, analyze results in real-time.
  1. Learning Management System (LMS):  It is a cloud-based software program. It contains information about users, courses and content. It  has provided a place to learn and teach without depending on the time and space with the advancement.


Education is no more restricted to lectures, talks and physical objects, as digitization has overcome this pattern of study. From heavily loaded bags to now light weight tablets. It has enabled the teachers to access diverse information repositories. It can also be used to create own learning resources.

The academic world is becoming more convenient and personalised thanks to the numerous applications of Artificial Intelligence.

It is allowing the automation of administrative tasks, allowing institutions to minimize the time required to complete difficult tasks so that the educators can spend more time with students.

Also, it has made possible teaching through personalized education where pedagogy can be derived for each student. Also published today are using AI for monitoring reader’s behaviour and suggesting relevant content. Leveraging real time reader insights is also helping publishers these days to become more agile.

Article by-

Ishita Patwal

Edited by-

Shweta Mittal, Team SciComm