Photography-Budding and Upcoming Profession

“Photography has no rules; it is not a sport. It is the result which counts, no matter how it is achieved”-Bill Brandt

What is Photography?

Photography is defined as the art or occupation of capturing images and printing them—it process in which images of objects are produced on photosensitive surfaces. A person who captures images is called a photographer. It is commonly used to describe people who take up photography as a job.

Challenges in this field:

With the advancements in technology, the demand for professional photographers has reduced to a small extent as there are many substitutes for photography services, and the new features in smartphones have also contributed to this threat. When we look at the growth of the photography industry during the past few years, we observe slow growth, which can be challenging for individuals who take up photography as a profession. We also see that there is a lot of competition in this field, and therefore establishing their position in the market turns out to be a difficult task for photographers.

Emerging types of photography:

Over the years, with the developments in technology and the emergence of photography as a career option, there are 15 different types of photography.

Wedding Photography: As the name suggests, this type of photography involves capturing images during a person’s wedding and all the associated events. The photographer has to capture pictures during the entire event, and this requires a lot of effort. Nowadays, wedding photographers are highly in demand as wedding photography has become a modern culture in most of the countries. But we come across beginners who get into this type of photography as it has a lot of demand and this might not have good results due to lack of expertise.

Event Photography: Photographers are hired to cover events like concerts, formal office events, school or college events, etc. This type is considered essential because the organizers of these events use these photographs for publicity, which benefits the photographer in gaining new opportunities.

Freelance Photography: Like any other freelance job, freelance photography means taking photographs as a contract or, in simple terms work as a self-employed photographer. The challenge attached to this type of photography is that as a freelance photographer, you will have to market yourself and find new projects.

Photojournalism: News media has a lot of significance in the present-day World. With the increase in demand for News media, Photojournalism has also gained a lot of importance. This type of photography deals with capturing images for News articles and even the advertising sector.

Portrait Photography: In this type of photography, the photographer gives importance to the inherent qualities of the personality of a person or a group of people. Fashion photography is also a part of this type of photography. Fashion photography has gained the interest of many youngsters on social media and is undoubtedly one of the emerging fields in photography. 

Product Photography: Advertisement plays a significant role in selling any products. Product photography deals with capturing the images of a particular product for its advertisement in social media platforms. This kind of photography is mainly based on the requirements and specifications of the producer of the product.

Wildlife and Landscape Photography: This is the type of career a person who loves traveling can choose. It involves capturing the images of wild animals and also landscapes. We often come across their works in wildlife magazines and travel magazines.

I feel that with a passion for this field and proper skills, this is an excellent career option. But like any other field, there are many challenges in this field as well. So, it is crucial that the individuals who take this up as a profession should always stay to keep themselves about the trends and work accordingly. With high competition in this field, it isn’t easy to find excellent opportunities. Therefore, the photographers must have their unique style, which makes their work different from the other professionals in this field.

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