“Fashion is a religion in one sense. Once upon a time, our brand was considered the sanctum sanctorum of fashion. I want to produce things that people really want to buy.” Alessandro Michele

What is fashion designing?

Fashion designing is defined as an art or a profession that involves designing and introducing aesthetics to clothing and accessories. Fashion designers contribute to the ethnicity and culture of a particular region. They keep themselves updated about the recent trends in the fashion world and incorporate these trends in the clothes and accessories that they design and produce.

Challenges in Fashion designing profession:

This field gives a lot of importance to the target customers. Fashion designers need to know the requirements of the target customers and work accordingly. More often, fashion designers find it challenging to understand their requirements. Another challenge is the lack of innovation. A designer must always give original works to their customers. The designers must market their products efficiently to get new customers. This is a challenge because there is a lot of competition in this field. The fashion designers find it hard to get reliable manufacturers who can produce their designs using quality raw materials and also produce them on time. Price is also a factor when it comes to fashion designing. More often, the same product will be available at different rates, and customers often go for the one with a low price, and this becomes a problem for other designers.

Skills required to become a fashion designer:

As mentioned in the definition, fashion designing is an art, and therefore one of the essential requirements is artistic skills and also creativity. Teamwork is another vital skill that is required because the end product is obtained after many processes, and the designer must have excellent communication with everyone involved in this process to get the desired outcome. Marketing skills and competitive nature are also required in this field to find new customers. Additional to all these skills, a fashion designer should have a good sense of texture, color, quality of raw materials, composition, etc.

Fashion designing as a career option:

This field has witnessed rapid growth over the past few years, and this is because the youngsters of this generation give importance to their attire. Fashion fields are one of the most trending areas in the present-day world.

 Many institutions offer fashion designing as a professional course. Bachelor in Design is the basic course that is available for anyone who wishes to take up fashion designing as a profession. There are also many fashion-related entrance-exams like NIFT, AIEED, SEED, etc. There are many job titles associated with a fashion designer:

·         Fashion show coordinator

·         Fashion consultant

·         Stylist

·         Fashion photographer

·         Fashion entrepreneur

·         Fashion merchandiser

·         Fashion illustrator

·         Costume designer

·         Pattern designer

·         Accessories designer

·         Production supervisor

·         Fashion sub-editor

 The field of fashion designing has improved a lot compared to the initial days of its emergence. Initially, it was not accepted as a career option in many regions, but with the advancements in this field, it has become one of the most sought-after areas. For anyone with a strong inclination towards the fashion field, I feel that with proper training and guidance, fashion designing is one of the best career options.

Source: India Today

Author Name: Anita Babu.

Biography: She is a postgraduate student pursuing Masters in Psychology HRDM from Christ(Deemed to be University), Bangalore. Content-writing has always been her favorite hobby and she likes gaining knowledge about new topics.