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About the location:

Jibhi is a scenic, unpretentious and old Himalayan village settled on the banks of the gurgling Tirthan river which is a tributary of Beas river.

Jibhi has become fairly popular among Indian travelers in recent years. However, tourists from other countries discovered this treasure more than two decades ago. During that time there were hardly any guest houses, hotels or infrastructure to support tourism here.

Jibhi in Autumn opens to you a warm color scheme and sunny fresh mornings. If you are looking to experience autumn colors, October and beginning of November is your time. Nevertheless, the weather gets colder day by day, so pack accordingly.

Trek – you can climb to the neighboring village Gada Gushaini which looks even more offbeat than Jibhi. Since it is uphill, you will get a picturesque view from there. There is also a waterfall 2 hours walk from Jibhi, which you can visit in the monsoon season or right after it.
Visit Jalori Pass. The pass is 13 km away from the village. There is also a day trek to the serene Serolsar lake from the Pass.

Visit neighboring villages. For more natural delight, explore the neighboring villages – Shoja with its step-like mountain fields, Ghiyagi for the grey roof houses surrounded by wheat fields, Tandi with small waterfalls within the river, Chaini which has one of the best representations of wooden architecture in Himachal – all these villages are small and picturesque.


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