Stephen Hawking and the Big Bang

Big Bang, the most widely accepted theory in the scientific community today, says that everything that we observe today in the universe is the product of a massive explosion 13.8 billion years ago from a single point called a singularity. The universe has been expanding at an accelerating rate ever since.

This theory is successful in describing the formation of the universe after the big bang but raised questions in the mind of the common person, such as: What had ever existed before big bang? What had actually caused that massive explosion? Did time exist before big bang? And many more.

Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist, shed light on these and other questions.

Stephen Hawking was born on 8th January 1942 in England. He became famous for his scientific research and for his book ‘A Brief History of Time’. He worked on black holes and formulated a new concept called Hawking’s radiation, which greatly modified the prior understanding about black holes. Scientists are currently working to find experimental evidence for this theorized phenomenon.

With regard to the questions raised earlier, Hawking said that ‘nothing was around before the big bang’ and that time and space was there in a “bent” state distorted into another dimension. Thus,  the Big Bang was the beginning of what we now refer as time and space, and the event itself broke down the laws of physics. He concludes by saying that nothing cannot be applied to anything which came first, and the time which we experience now was replaced with imaginary time before the Big Bang event.

Confusing right?

This can be explained as follows: let us assume the imaginary space and time which Hawking is talking about is the Earth’s south pole, till where the normal laws of Physics hold. Now can you imagine anything which is south of the South Pole? That’s how imaginary time and space is!!! 

According to him, before the big bang, the complete universe was infinitesimally small with infinite density which was always trying to reach nothing but didn’t became nothing. This says that the big bang didn’t actually came from nothing. And in that point the so called time is in bent state.
Did there superhot balls in the outer universe just like ours? 

Yes says, Hawking.
Hawking strongly believes in the idea of a multiverse. He wrote a research paper on the same and proved the existence of parallel universes. This paper was accepted after 10 days from his death.
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