Astronomy Day

“ASTRONOMY”  a wonderfully subject isn't it? A subject to know more about the skies and what is beyond it. Some people make this interest as their career that is scientists, researchers etc. While for some it remains as their deepest passion. And it is for those, even though people are unaware, we have the astronomy day.


In 1973, Doug Berger, then president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California created this day, which is called the Astronomy day with the thought of helping the public be more aware of astronomy. On this day various museums, universities and astronomy clubs around the world set up telescopes in various public places like parks and schools.


Even though the idea was to celebrate it once every user it was amended in 20017 and is now celebrated twice every year- Once during spring and other during autumn. This year the Astronomy Days falls on April 21 and October 13. It is close, isn't it?


And so this is one of the best opportunity for anyone looking forward to connecting with the universe for the first time and also those who want a practical observation of what they already know.so why waste it? On that day get up, dress up and enjoys the skies.




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